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me3142 viewsgorundhandling on Model Ridgeparamaniac
"Hey Bob, looks like the Hobbits have been through here again..."348 viewsA deer sees what the Hobbit People have placed in the path. He is thinking about going into the woods, but then maybe it's not the safest thing to do without an instructor and a D3 rating. And then too, maybe he will get sued, for teaching other deer to run without a Running Instructor's License.Korben
... take a run for it...914 viewsFirst take-off in the mountains, in Schoppernau, Austria.Joost911
Dingo Attacking528 viewsDingo running his hand over the top skin of my wing.Jose9878
Gorilla-Run383 viewsThis is one of my favourite photos of me and my brother. He's on the right of the picture.Mark
Roquebrune367 viewsThermalling at cloudbase with vieuw on Monaco.1 commentsBluebair