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Last additions - valle de bravo
new flying site468 viewsnot an official flying site northwest of valle de bravo - inform yourselves at the local hanggliding institution.skoppOct 22, 2006
zitacuaro takeoff site444 viewsquite a bit of a wind during the high day - so watch your steps when taking off between them dustdevils.skoppOct 22, 2006
city of zitacuaro281 viewsspread out between remains of former volcanos lies an idyllic mexican town - never been to it, just drove past.skoppOct 22, 2006
leaving Zitacuaro326 viewsenough of sightseeing around this area - now we go further direction valle de bravo. it's a 35 km distance - let's go !skoppOct 22, 2006
steep climb to the takeoff zone391 viewsblack sand covers the way up to the volcano. better get good shoes around here - no sandals !skoppOct 22, 2006
tejupilco takeoff site from above464 viewsbecause of rough weeds only one paraglider can take off at a time - later in the air there's enough spaceskoppOct 22, 2006
preparing to leave1380 viewseven if one would like to stay a bit longer with this charming helper, take off is overdue skoppOct 22, 2006
vulcan flying2442 viewsthere's a saying: live long and prosperous - but vulcans don't fly anywayskoppOct 22, 2006
landing site423 viewsin the middle of nowhere - or even a bit further - plenty of space to land. watch them released bulls !skoppOct 22, 2006
helpful hands353 viewsno matter where you appear in this area, you're immediately surrounded by couple of "10 pesos!"-helpersskoppOct 22, 2006
el torre takeoff site663 viewsin the early evening a nice spot to discover - cruising above town and villasskoppOct 22, 2006
valle de bravo655 viewsno way to land somewhere in the midst of town - pity !skoppOct 22, 2006
landing site581 viewsin earlier days the strip was only a couple of feet wide - today it's a bit more comfortable, but you still can get wet feetskoppOct 22, 2006
el penon takeoff site from far425 viewscut into the woods and layed out with a green carpet ("don't step on that grass, son !") - what would you want more ?skoppOct 22, 2006
takeoff in late afternoon458 viewsat this time of day (wintertime) really smooth flights take place skoppOct 22, 2006
el penon - just in front of the takeoff site266 viewsa hard one to crack in the middle of the day, as the thermals sometimes get quite strongskoppOct 22, 2006
sunset at the penon361 viewsno matter how many hours of flying today - you still can't get enough of itskoppOct 22, 2006
flying in valle de bravo, mexico1172 viewsin wintertime from december to february it's best - heaps of pilots from all over the world try to escape the cold conditions and warm up in the sunny climate of middle america.skoppOct 22, 2006